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If you’re experiencing HVAC problems and are here to find out answers, we have some excellent news to deliver: as a general rule of thumb, HVAC issues are quickly and relatively inexpensive to resolve.

However, you’ll need to know more about potential causes so to identify the best ways to mitigate your airflow concerns once and for all:


This is a common issue that can even be resolved by you, without needing to incur any extra costs from maintenance specialists. Air-cooled air conditioning systems feature a condensing unit that is commonly located outside or in a specially designed mechanical room. Because those located outside are exposed to the elements of the weather, debris and leaves can quickly accumulate and block the unit. The same can happen in a mechanical room where other storage equipment or tools overheat the system due to lack of air.

Thus, check the area where the condenser is and analyse the surroundings, clearing any obstruction that is in the way.


Similar to the first issue, blocked vents and registers can be caused by furniture and other household items in the way. Typical in office environments, you might have seen people move stuff around only because they can’t agree on a thermostat setting. The next thing you know, the HVAC airflow has been compromised, and someone needs to call the experts!


If a blower motor is slow, your HVAC airflow can drop or cause some of the previously mentioned “symptoms”. Lucky, in most cases, you will only need to clean the fan, thus don’t worry about looking at your finances before calling for help.


A build-up of dust or other debris can impede the ductwork, as the space is already small. Particularly in the situation where you’re in an old building, you might face insects, birds, or rodents that like to take a bite or build small cosy nests in HVAC ducts. Additionally, the walls of the ductwork are prone to developing small cracks or holes which make the air leak out –ultimately leading to airflow problems for both the AC and heating. Alternatively, a faulty thermostat, low battery, or other small issues can cause HVAC problems.

The best and easiest course of action is to have the ductwork inspected on a regular basis, and you’ll be presently surprised to find out that this is sometimes free of charge.


Many of us forget that although a piece of equipment is new, it will still need servicing and maintenance. The filter used by the HVAC system can quickly collect debris and dust from the pair, and when it becomes clogged, it will lead to cold or hot spots or stuffy air.

Therefore, your job is to change your air conditioning filter as instructed by the manufacturer or the set of instructions you’ll receive in the box –this could be as frequently